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Fire & Ice
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I've eaten all my chili, and have moved on to eating the vegetarian chili I made for Heather. It's still yummy, if less meatily so, and it's gotten very spicy after a few days of sitting in the fridge. Whoo!

My day off is going well -- got my freelance stuff done earlier this morning, and there's nothing else I have to do today. We just got the Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft, and I've explored the game a bit, but I've resisted the urge to spend all afternoon playing it. It's very cool and pretty, though. My computer is a little too wimpy to run the expansion properly, so I ordered some more RAM, which should help. Don't know why I didn't get more RAM sooner, as I've had the computer for a couple of years -- I just never thought of it, and most programs run fine. I don't do a lot of PC gaming, but I make an exception for WoW.

I have to go up to the office to pick up my paycheck later, and possibly do ten or fifteen minutes of work, if there are any last-minute changes. We'll see.

Tomorrow Heather and I are going to see Romeo & Juliet: A Fire Ballet, as the first half of her experiential birthday extravaganza. She likes dancing, and I like fire, so it should be fun. The second part of her experiential birthday extravaganza is a dinner this weekend at our favorite fancy restaurant in the city, Cortez, which is, honestly, one hell of a wonderful treat for me, too.

George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books are being adapted for TV by HBO. Crazy. If anybody can do it right, HBO can. Hope it works out. Seven seasons of Ice and Fire would be awesome to behold.

It's bright and sunny and clear and cold today. I'll venture out into the world soon. Brr.

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