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Walking Miles Without Rest
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Rainy yesterday. Good day to be a duck. Sunny today. Good day to be a ground-dwelling primate. Lucky me!


Another very nice review of Hart & Boot & Other Stories, this time in Subterranean Magazine, which is moving from print to online-only: read it here.


We've been going to the gym fairly often lately, and while running on the precor isn't quite as good for thinking as just taking a walk, it's pretty good, and I've figured out a lot of stuff about books 3 and 4 in my urban fantasy series. Hope I get to write them. I have lots of neat scenes in mind. I'll drop hints about Marla's brother in book 3, and then he'll appear as a major character in book 4. A supporting character from book 1 -- Bradley Bowman, who also features in my story "Down with the Lizards and the Bees" -- will reappear in book 3. A character mentioned in passing in book 2 -- Ayres the necromancer -- will also have a major role to play in book 3. You get the idea. I'm trying to create a robust world with a big enough cast that I can keep myself entertained indefinitely, and it's working well so far.


I sold another erotica story yesterday. That makes four in a couple of years. My little pseudonym is doing well (he even had a year's best reprint recently). The main benefit of selling these erotic stories is that I'm much more comfortable writing sex scenes in novels... though the purpose of sex scenes in novels isn't necessarily to titillate, so I have to use other techniques, too, of course. I no longer feel awkward writing about joyful intersections of the flesh, though.

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