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Sex and Taxes
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Just got the good word that the check for delivering Blood Engines is on the way. Mmm, money. Now I can afford my first quarterly tax payment for 2007, and halve the balance on one of my credit cards. Doesn't leave a lot of money free for speedboats and blow (or even bicycles and beer, for that matter), but we'll hold back a couple hundred and have a nice weekend in Santa Cruz or something.


My latest Caught in the Net Column is online: The Sporting Life. (Features dirty words and pictures, so don't click if you don't want to read/see that!) Naturally, I came across a video of naked Romanian gymnasts after I already turned the column in. So it goes.


Have I mentioned how much having every Wednesday off from the day job rocks? That break in the middle makes the week seem so much shorter, subjectively. It's freakin' Thursday already! The work week's practically done! Granted, sometimes Thursday morning feels a lot like Monday morning, with the bleariness and the denial and the difficulty coping with the commute, etc., but I'll take two Mondays a week as a fair exchange for getting two Saturdays...

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