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Further Adventures in the Writing Life
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Hmm. I finished reviewing the copyedits on Blood Engines on Wednesday night, though I won't get around to mailing the manuscript back until Monday (still, oh, a week and a half before the deadline). Copyedits are fun. I always have to look for my colored pencils, which I found buried under a pile of 'zines this year. (I made my corrections in a lovely green.) It was a good copyedit, and I only stetted two or three things (and only one of them had a change that was actually wrong; the others were subjective matters of style, including an intentional repetition). Bless all copyeditors, for theirs is a vital and thankless job.

Heather and I did a nice few miles hiking in the redwoods on Wednesday, and though it was overcast, it wasn't cold (like it is today). Very nice, incredibly restful, and often perfectly quiet (said quiet interrupted by the occasional sound of a weed whacker or a bunch of hollering kids; but if you're going to have noise, the sound of happy children isn't so bad). We should take such walks more often. It did us both a lot of good.

Since then, life has been quiet. I'm steadily reading through and marking up the Bridge novel (I've read 100 pages of about 350 so far), and I like it a lot. Needs some work, but so far I don't see the need for radical surgery, just some judicious cuttings and some new scenes here and there. I think it's going to be good.

We've been watching Criminal Minds (abnormal psychology! cop drama! good characters! what's not to like?), and I've been playing God of War, and that's about it. I'm not even reading a novel right now -- all my reading time has been spent on my own fiction. I've got some neat stuff in the to-read pile, though. Life is not profoundly dramatic just now, and that's okay with me.

My latest Caught in the Net column (this time about porn spoofs, in honor of April Fool's Day) is up online: Porn Parodies. (Contains dirty naughty words, etc.)

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