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Tomorrow is the deadline to vote in the Locus Poll & Survey. It's open to anyone, so go vote for the best stuff you read last year!


Whoooooo Saturday!

This week wasn't especially bad -- lovely weather, took a lot of walks, the only sad thing was writing Vonnegut's obituary -- but weekends are always better, even it's pissing rain right now. If I ever switch to writing full time, I'll have to remember to take weekends... though now I do a lot of writing on the weekends, usually, so it would actually be a big change to stop that and be totally frivolous. Hmm. What do all you people who have nights and weekends free from writing and/or editing a 'zine do? (Oh, yeah. You go out with friends, or play sports, or take classes, or have hobbies. Hrm. Interesting.)

We're going to my co-worker's baby shower this afternoon, which should be fun, and as an added bonus, it's only about three miles from my house. (Any baby shower with a pony keg is a good baby shower.)

This not writing thing isn't really working for me, so I'm going to start the third Marla novel soon. Do you guys like Dead Reign or Terrible Sword better as a title? Both are appropriate, and I go back and forth on which I prefer. Of course, there's a big fundamental structural problem I haven't yet figured out in this book, but screw it. I'll work it out. The novelette "Pale Dog" is part of this book, but the bulk of the action takes place about a year after the story... if I put "Pale Dog" at the beginning, then jump ahead a year, it looks suspiciously like a 9,000 word prologue, and I'm wary of prologues. ("Prologue" is Latin for "the part of a book you skip," right?) But it's a big chunk to incorporate as a flashback later on. I have some ideas to make it work...

The newest Caught in the Net is online now: "Playing Footsie". Yep, a foot and shoe fetish entry. Given that those are (according to some studies) the most common fetishes in the world (at least for straight dudes), some of y'all might be interested. Dunno what I'll do for next week's column. Maybe sex and the female superhero? Or my planned multi-part series on good sex blogs? Hmm...

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