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In Which All Our Problems Are Solved
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My editor says it's a done enough deal for all to be told, so:

I just sold books 3 and 4 in my Marla Mason urban fantasy series to Bantam Spectra. Tentative titles are Dead Reign and Grift Sense. Book 1, Blood Engines, will appear in October 2007. Book 2, Poison Sleep, will appear six months later in April 2008, with the next two volumes to follow at six-month intervals.

That's right. A new Marla Mason novel every six months until April 2009!

This deal was a bolt from the blue. I checked my e-mail yesterday and found a note saying that Bantam wanted to release the books in quick succession, and wanted to commit to doing at least four books. This will allow us to think about marketing it (and me writing it!) as a true series, rather than just two books that might kinda maybe become a series. This is a total stunner.

Practically speaking, well, all our financial problems are solved. This will eradicate my (considerable) credit card debt. (I spend about a third of my monthly income servicing that debt, and having that money freed up will make an extraordinary difference in my life.) It'll make paying for baby-related stuff so much easier. It means we can travel (well, once the kid is old enough.) It means we can pay dental bills. We can afford maternity and paternity leave. I can pay back friends for money they've loaned me. And -- because I'm a boy -- it means we can buy a very large television. (Any recommendations? I need something I can watch movies and play video games on.)

I can't even imagine what it will be like to get out of debt. But I bet it'll be pretty great.

Also, money aside, this is very artistically satisfying. I'm gonna have heaps and heaps of fun with these books. I'm so excited I get to write books 3 and 4! They're going to rule! Zombies and con men and valets and necromancers and the deaths of beloved recurring characters! (Well, beloved by me, anyway.)

I have a lot of work to do, though. Book 3 will be due in September '07, Book 4 will be due in May '08. I can do it, but it means less screwing around and more writing. Small price to pay for job security and financial relief, though! All props to my agent Ginger and my editor Juliet. They make my life and work in this business a joy.

Bounce bounce bounce!

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