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Heat and Light
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Things are a wee bit frantic in PrattShaw land. Somehow May is already upon us, so we've been scrambling to finish up Flytrap and Heather's chapbook, When We Were Six. The former is done, as of last night, and the latter is being proofread. We're well on our way, and should have copies of both to take to WisCon. Hurray!

I'm also mildly stressed about having novels to write. Writing books on spec is uncertain, but it's also relaxing! Having contracts means I can't just blow off working on the novels indefinitely. (I'm not complaining, just adjusting my mindset!) I'm trying to switch my perspective on all the work I have to do. To think of it as opportunity rather than obligation. To seek the joy in the process. I think tequila would help. At least tomorrow I get to write the scene where Ayres meets the new Death for the first time. That'll be fun. I am considering writing a real outline, though.

Also, I drew a rough map of Marla's city, Felport. It's hideous, but the crucial landmarks are there. And it did help me realize there are some islands in the bay, which could be put to cool uses. I knew there was a sorcerer living in the water -- the Bay Witch -- who feels protective of the bay, but now I know her domain also includes islands, which is potentially very interesting...

Heroes last night was weak sauce, a real disappointment after the wonderful Age of Apocalypsian episode the week before. It was all just shuffling-of-players, mere stage management to prepare for the big finale. Ah, well. I was at least amused to recognize their fictional Kirby Plaza in New York as the real-life Arco Plaza in Los Angeles, which I looked down upon from my hotel room window during my trip to USC earlier this year.

Weather remains very hot. We hung out in the yard a bit after work to enjoy the cool evening, and chatted with our landlord, who may be moving away in a year or so, and who may let us then move into his large ground-floor apartment. We'll need more space once the baby starts moving around, and his place is plenty big enough, so this could be a wonderful situation. Moving downstairs would be a lot easier than moving, well, anywhere else. Heather and I both devoutly hope this works out, though we'd miss having the guy around. He's a great landlord and an overall good dude. Still, here's hoping.

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