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Living Proof
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We picked up our copies of Flytrap 7 and Heather's chapbook When We Were Six, and they look awesome. Seriously. Go order both of 'em! We won't have time to mail them this week, but we'll send them out in the first week of June. Whoo!

I read through the page proofs of Blood Engines on Saturday, half in the morning at Café Di Bartolo in Oakland while Heather got her nails done, half in the afternoon at Au Coquelet in Berkeley while Heather got her hair cut. (Of course, on Sunday Heather worked furiously on her novel while I puttered around randomly and drank margaritas. Somehow our working/not working doesn't often sync up.) I wrote the book so long ago that I could almost read it like a normal novel, as if it had been written by someone else, and, miraculously, I liked it! I hope lots and lots and lots of other people do, too. I found, oh, a score of errors, most typos, only a couple of big mistakes. Just enough to keep my on my toes while reading.

I finished reading Dishwasher -- entertaining book, rather anticlimactic trailing-off of an ending, which is perhaps an appropriate end to a book about a devoted slacker. Heather and I have started watching Gilmore Girls on DVD -- after so much Cop Drama and Secret Agent Spy shows, a change of pace seemed due. It's a nice show, effervescently written, and if I keep expecting serial killers to stalk the streets of Stars Hollow, well, that's my problem, not the show's.

I tried to slack off on Sunday, after sending off my corrections to Blood Engines in the morning, but had a hard time. Too habituated to working every day, I think. I managed to beat Splinter Cell: Double Agent. I tried to play World of Warcraft, but I just don't care about that game anymore. (I may get into it again someday, but for the moment, it holds no appeal.)

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