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Global Buffalo
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I watched the leaked-all-over-the-internet pilot of Global Frequency last night, and I can't believe it wasn't picked up as a series. (Granted, there was a giant plot inconsistency that annoyed me -- there's a guy who explodes things, except his explosions don't affect glass, but later we're told he got his start by making lightbulbs explode, hmmm...) Michelle Forbes was absolutely born to play Miranda Zero, though. I enjoyed it, and I love the comic, and, sigh. TV can be a wasteland sometimes.


I got a lot of writing done on Sunday, about 5,000 more words of the Death novel. I'm rapidly approaching the halfway point (manuscript stands just a hair south of 40,000 words now). Really cool stuff is happening. Very fun. I may need to make a chronological outline soon, just to make sure I have the sequence of events right. The novel takes place over the course of ten days, and only about two days have elapsed so far, but hey, the first two days are really eventful; some of the later days can be covered in the course of mere paragraphs. Then there's the fact that time moves differently in the underworld, where one of my major plot threads will soon be taking place, which complicates sequential matters. Oh well. I'll work it out. Halfway through, I feel like I know how to write this book, and I'm feeling pretty confident about it. It feels a lot tighter than Poison Sleep did at this point, that's for sure.


The other fun thing this weekend was a little barbecue with my nephew and sister-in-law in the backyard. Buffalo steak, lamb sausage, barbecued chicken, burgers, and beer; yum. Plus whiffleball with my nephew, and I only got hit in the face once! (I actually hit myself in the face, to be honest. I am not a sports hero.) I've got leftover meat to eat for dinner tonight, and leftover beer to drink with it. Their company helped me not go stir crazy in my loneliness! I also had a nice long talk on the phone with my buddy D. So far, I'm keeping space madness at bay, and resisting the urge to read Anne Sexton's "Eighteen Days Without You."

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