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Hey, there's a cover image on the Amazon listing for Blood Engines! (For a couple of days there was the wrong cover, for some child-rearing guide, which I thought was pretty funny.)

I didn't do any writing work on Monday. After 9 straight days of hardcore writing, I gave myself a break and hung out with my wife and read Elizabeth Hand stories and watched TV. But last night I dove back in and did a little work, a mere 1,000 words, but enough to finish a scene. And the next scene I have to write will be long and awesome, with crazy dead people and steampunk crossbows and extreme body modifications (the shade of a sorceress who has transformed herself (or been transformed) into a sort of bizzarre embellished dragon-thing... armed with steampunk crossbows). Fun! Making Marla face the spirits of people she's killed is interesting, especially since I posit that the sight of a living person in the realm of the dead triggers a violent panic attack on the part of the ghosts -- dead people in the underworld aren't crazy per se, but the sight of a living person in that realm can make them crazy, like dipping a hydrophobe in a pool. Only about 4 chapters to go in this book. Lots of awesome action in the last 20K words. I'm going to miss this book when I'm done.

Fortunately, I'm finally starting to get some actual concrete ideas for how to write book 4, so I'll be ready to start that one in a couple/few months, I hope.

No day off today, because A Certain Magazine is going to press. Day off tomorrow instead. I'll try to do a big hunk of novel writing then. I'm excited.

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