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Friday the 13th! Is so far very sunny and not particularly disastrous. Indeed, I'm starting to get a handle on the essential heart of Grift Sense, my fourth Marla Mason book. There's no plot yet -- and plot is more important than usual in this one -- but I'm starting to understand the character relationships, and, after all, the best plots come from the nature of the characters themselves. Consequently, I'm in a very good mood!

I also just got word from my lovely agent that some novel-related money is arriving soon, which means before this month is out I should be able to 1) pay off a giant-ass credit card that's been hanging around my neck for years like a millstone made of albatrosses and 2) buy a new kid-friendly car. (Though, to be fair, I'm just giving Heather a check and she's buying the car, because if it was me, I'd just pick the first car I looked at. She's much more discerning than I am, and we believe in playing to one another's strengths.)

We've got some to-ing and fro-ing to do this weekend, but I'm hoping we have time to see at least one movie. So, aid me, O readers -- should we go see Ratatouille, the new Harry Potter, or Transformers? (In truth I doubt Heather would agree to see the latter... maybe on my next day off I'll catch a matinee!)

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