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Last Lines
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Daniel Abraham posted the first lines from his novels, too. He also thinks it might be useful to look at the last lines of novels instead of first lines. Seems like it could be interesting, so I'll play. None of these is too spoileriffic.

Shannon's God:

Nancy walked across the yard to greet her new student.


His dreams were like stories.

Infants and Tyrants:

And Mary teleported away.

The Genius of Deceit:

"Wish me luck," she whispered, and went to talk to her husband.

The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl:

It was probably bullshit, but it was a good story.

Blood Engines:

"I get the window seat this time," Rondeau said.
The Light of a Better World:
He looked at the compass in his hand. The needle spun crazily, unable to find any semblance of true north. He laughed, shook his head, and set off again into the briar patch.

Poison Sleep:

"In your dreams, Rondeau. Only in your dreams."

Dead Reign: Er, actually, the current ending of this one is rather a lot spoilerific, and it even spoilers things for Marla Mason book four, which I haven't even started writing yet, so I'll have to skip it.

I do see a pattern that I'd never noticed before, looking at these last lines. Before The Light of a Better World, each and every last line was its own little one-line paragraph. The one-line paragraph can be effective sometimes, but it tends to be overused, and it's a lazy way of indicating emphasis. The last lines of Blood Engines and Poison Sleep are also one-line paragraphs, but they're lines of dialogue, which is less egregious. (The last line of Dead Reign is dialogue, too. I wonder if I'll keep that up for the whole series?) A lot of these last lines pertain to people going on new journeys (or arriving at final destinations) -- at least, oh, five of these could be described that way. Which tells me something about how I like to end books, too... Daniel was right! This was actually more instructive than looking at first lines. Made me aware of some habits I didn't realize I possessed.

The ending to Rangergirl is my favorite last line.

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