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The civility of envy
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This will be an entry of many links.

The good folks at Green Man Review have kind words about Flytrap #7. The conclusion:

It is a welcome change to find chapbooks such as Flytrap maintaining the 'zine tradition of creating a sense of shared conversation between publishers, writers, and readers.
I'm especially pleased they liked Jan Wildt's story "Apology," which is probably the weirdest thing we've ever published. They also say Heather and I create "a sense of having been invited into their living room for an evening of literary experimentation." Which is true. Reading Flytrap is just like being in our living room, except there's less cat hair and Gilmore Girls isn't on the TV constantly.

They also reviewed Heather's chapbook, When We Were Six. It's a nice, in-depth piece, and concludes:

Anyone interested in reading prose which contains an almost photographic sensibility (a style which I associate most closely with the writing of Elizabeth Hand) should find these stories extremely satisfying.

I wish someone would compare my work to Liz Hand's!


I'm a member of SF Novelists, a group of fantasy and science fiction novel writers. We've got a fancy new website, with a new group blog that I'll be contributing to (when I'm not buried in Dead Reign revisions, that is). Toby Buckell is the mastermind behind the group, and he's done a ton of behind-the-scenes work to get this set up. It should be awesome.


We did our first childbirth class on Saturday, and it was fine -- I learned a few things. Afterward Heather and I had a nice dinner, and went to see The Bourne Ultimatum, which was a decent action movie with some nice cool scenes. The weather was gorgeous, too -- Saturday was fabulous.

Sunday was gray and pissing halfhearted rain (and today looks likely to be the same). I didn't do much but work on Dead Reign, doing a read-through and some semi-heavy revisions. After several hours I made it only halfway through the book, but I think it's shaping up!

Apart from revising, I watched a couple of Tivo'ed horror movies, specifically the first and second sequels to From Dusk Till Dawn. I enjoyed them! FDTD 2 is a nice bank-robbers-meet-vampires flick with lots of gunplay, and FDTD 3 is about what happened to Ambrose Bierce when he disappeared in Mexico (short form: he met vampires!). They're both essentially supernatural Westerns, so of course I liked them. The third one is interesting -- there's not even a hint of vampires for the first half of the movie. It's just Ambrose Bierce getting drunk and being a cranky atheist and running afoul of outlaws. Pretty awesome. (Now, I'm not saying this stuff is great cinema -- the films just happen to hit several of my sweet spots.)

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