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Dead Weight
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Dead Reign is off to my editor. It's not actually due for two more weeks, but I reached the point where I was changing lines and then changing them back again, which is usually a sign I should quit fiddling. So that's a weight off! I still have to write book 4, but I have nine and a half months before it's due, which should be sufficient. (Of course I'll also have to go over copyedits for Poison Sleep, and do revisions on Dead Reign once my editor has a chance to read it, and so forth, but in terms of major writing, I've only got one book left to do!) I'm feeling a lot less panicked and overwhelmed now. It helps that I'm no longer in pain -- my gum infection is healing! Life feels good.

Yesterday was pretty much all fun. After I put the finishing touches on Dead Reign, Heather and I walked to the Farmer's Market and got breakfast at the Coffee Mill, our wonderful beloved Saturday routine that, alas, we've missed for the past few weeks. We caught a matinee of Superbad (which was crude and sweet and pretty enjoyable, but not as good as I'd hoped -- it never managed to become more than the sum of its intermittently funny parts), and in the evening went to a fun party our landlord threw (conveniently located right outside our back door). Today has been more workish, with lots of errands run, random accumulated junk donated to thrift store charity, various chores, housework, etc. You know. Doing laundry. Washing dishes. Taking out garbage. Combating entropy. And once my banana bread finishes baking, I'll be all done with my Sunday responsibilities. It might even be finished before midnight...

Tomorrow we finish the September issue of A Certain Magazine. Should be hectic, but that's okay. Hectic makes the day go by quickly.

Linky linky:

A review of Hart & Boot & Other Stories at OF blog.

I haven't linked to my Caught in the Net column in a while (intermittently not safe for work, if dirty words and body parts that are usually covered by underwear in American culture and such are contextually unsafe). I recently did a Harry Potter porn round-up in honor of the release of the last book, and a piece on sexual art and illustrations, and one on sex and technology, and etc. Something new every week. (This is part of that "freelancing" I'm always talking about. The other part is mainly reviews of porn movies. Being a writer rocks.)

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