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Maps and Territories
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I updated my website some more, and now you can see my crude map of Felport and read an amusing (I hope) Dramatis Personae. I may write a silly quiz -- What Kind of Sorcerer Are You? -- if I can come up with questions and figure out which quiz-making site/program to use. (Any recommendations?)

Mmm, day off. I visited with Mary Anne and baby Kavi in the backyard for a while, then came up to my house (AKA the oven of eternal fiery roasting heat of flaming doom) and did my freelance writing for the morning. Then I took my usual stroll, which was hot but pleasant, and ran some errands and had lunch and deposited the delivery/acceptance check for Poison Sleep (which will completely pay off one credit card and blow a sizable crater in another). Then it was back home for more roasting. I tackled one of the most cluttered corners of the living room and made piles of trash, recycling, goodwill donations, stuff to keep, and stuff Heather has to sort. Dirty dusty sweaty satisfying work!

Now it's 2:30 p.m. and, um, I'm pretty much caught up for the day. I should wash dishes, but there aren't many to do, so I'll probably wait until after dinner. I could do more housework, but I've kind of had my fill for now. Having no novel to work on is weird. Maybe I'll read some more of Territory or play video games... it's too hot to think, really.

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