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Zugzwang for Beelzebub
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Finished my copyedits for Poison Sleep today. Oof. (Well, it wasn't too bad, and my copyeditor and editor saved me from looking like an idiot a few times.) The list of unusual words and proper names is amusing as always: anti-cannibal! ass-fuck! Bank of the Catacombs! biomancer! bughouse! cantripper! cat shit! dream-sickness! earth-monster! Ganconer! Hell (place)! Kabbalistic! look-away spell! meat-golem! mind-fuck! mushroom-grove! Oh, Hell (game)! postfeminist! pro-cannibal! Skatouioannis [With thanks to Nick Mamatas for that bit]! starfucker! technomancer! world-destroyer! zugzwang! And, of course, many many more. I suspect I am a great trial to my stalwart copyeditor. Bless you, P. Feinstein, and you've been added to the acknowledgments.


Turns out our cat Marzipan tore her ACL. Yes, our cat has a sports injury. She probably caught her leg in something and twisted the hell out of it. We're contemplating surgery, but it's quite expensive, and the vet isn't certain it's necessary (he amused me by saying, "If I was hungry, I'd probably push the surgery on you"). He suggested that we give her a regular megadose of a nutritional supplement (cosequin) which... does something good to joints. He says he's seen it work wonders, and that a ten-pound cat isn't really putting that much weight on her ACL, and surgery may not be necessary -- either way, the recovery will take months. So for now we're trying the pills. We'll see. She seems pretty spry, honestly, and it doesn't seem to bother her much, though she's still limping, of course, as one does with a torn ACL. Poor thing.


Here's the mock-up of the cover for Flytrap #8 (I'm sort of speculating about the non-fiction contents, since I'm waiting to hear back from the columnists, so consider this preliminary).

The cover image of Beelzebub -- which is so damn appropriate for Flytrap! He's the Lord of the Flies! -- is from Collin de Plancy's 1825 volume Dictionnaire Infernal. God bless public domain demonology texts.

We're considering raising our cover price to $5, but maybe not. We're debating. Our overseas sub prices will have to go up a bit, because shipping costs overseas is brutal with the postage changes that came down earlier this year, but we're still figuring that out, too.

It's a pretty awesome issue. I'll set up a page with the table of contents and so forth shortly. The plan is still to publish this in time for World Fantasy at the end of October.

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