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Because we have some money coming from a surprise [redacted] deal, we decided to get a little splurgy and buy a big TV and a Wii. (Whee!)

Researching the new generation of televisions is the most complicated thing I have ever done. Oof. I've pretty much decided I want a 40" (bigger would be unwieldy in our living room, and the price point gets a little harrowing after that too) LCD (because I'm leery of burn-in problems with plasmas, don't want to futz with replacing bulbs ever, and LCDs supposedly look just as good these days). I'm looking at the Samsung LNT4065F. The reviews are good, price is okay, size is right, etc. But I'm feeling rather lost overall. We want to be able to hook up Heather's laptop to the screen for gaming and watching downloaded shows and such, so I need to figure out what kind of cables I need for that. We have standard cable at home, so we'll have to upgrade to HD cable, I guess, which will be annoying and expensive (especially since, currently, we don't pay for cable... when we moved in we plugged in the cable that we found sticking out of the floor, and, lo, it worked, so we've never bothered to do anything else about it). It should look good with DVDs and games, though, and some reviews say it actually looks okay with standard cable (others say it looks like shite), so who knows? I'm feeling some of the primal joy of "I'm getting a big TV!" drained out of me as I contemplate logistics. Just getting the TV up to my third floor apartment will be vexing. I can order it online for cheaper, but then the logistics of delivery are potentially irritating, since I'll have to be home to open the door for the guy... or I can buy it locally for instant gratification and try to lug it up myself, but in-box the thing weighs 60 pounds, and is awkwardly sized, and I'd hate to drop it...

Suggestions? Advice? Dire warnings? Reassurances that having a big TV will make me ever so happy once it's all set up?

Read/Post Comments (5)

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