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Achronological Notes on My Day Off
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Did my follow-up at the dentist today, and my mouth holes are healing well. They gave me a syringe so I can squirt salt water into the socket every night, so it won't heal with bits of food inside. (Ew!)

After the dentist, I took Flytrap to the printer, and should have copies in a week!

Now I'm home, doing freelancing, and trying (as I've been trying for days) to order the new Radiohead album. I suppose I should just wait until 3 a.m. and hope the traffic drops enough that I'll actually be able to get through. It's just extra-frustrating because it came out today! I could be listening to it right now! But I can't get their site to take the money I'm trying to give them! Wah!

I wish my contrib copy of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror would come. It's pretty much my favorite anthology every year, and I love curling up with it in the rainy autumn and reading. Normally I run out and buy it (or pre-order it online) right away, but since I've got a story in it this time, it seems silly to spend the money. But I'm impatient!

(Oh, yay, Radiohead took my money. Download, mighty zip file!)

I took a walk. I bought a used copy of Bel Canto. (The author was on the radio this morning talking about her new book, which reminded me that I'd always meant to read her most famous book.) I also ate an awesome lunch that cost less than $8. I like my neighborhood.

I love the light today. Half the sky dark and cloudy, the other half clear and blue, sunlight all strange and slanting.

Got a check for the publication of Blood Engines. Mmm, sweet advance money. Gave it immediately to Heather to help cover the costs of her maternity leave!

Had tea downstairs with Mary Anne and her merry band. Entertained her baby for a while, which was fun. I like babies.

I installed the car seat! Seems to be secure, but I'll take it someplace to get checked before the baby arrives.

Heather's done with yoga. Time to go pick her up!

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