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Dreams Have Power to Poison Sleep
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Oh, I'm getting that itch to write. I haven't really written anything (apart from non-fiction, which doesn't count) since finishing up Dead Reign, and I'm starting to feel the symptoms of fiction-withdrawal: I'm cranky, easily distracted, obsessed by details, emotionally sensitive, scribbling random notes on various completed and half-completed and barely-started projects, and having incredibly vivid dreams (some horrifyingly nightmarish, some cool and interesting; the one where I got beheaded was bad, but the one where all my friends and families were impostors -- and where I thought I, myself, might be just a clever duplicate of the real me -- was worse). This always happens when I go too long without committing fiction. (I'm one of those compulsive writers.)

Which means I need to write some stories, or get started on Grift Sense, or something. I've tried to take advantage of this brief interval between deadlines and projects by getting more prepared for the baby's arrival, catching up on my reading, etc., but not-writing is making me anxious and actively interfering with my sleep for severals nights in a row, so I'd better just give in. Even knowing that whatever project I start will be interrupted by sleeplessness and infant-centricness. I'm still feeling deeply entrenched in the Marlaverse, so I should either start book 4 or write one of the stories that take place between the events of Poison Sleep and Dead Reign. What do y'all think? Should I start Grift Sense or write:

Marla vs. the would-be superhero?

Marla vs. the Beast of Felport?

Marla vs. the Invasion of Interdimensional Hedonists (she refuses to call them "elves")?

Guide me!

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