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Dead Night
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Still no baby.

Hallowe'en (which was also my day off from work) was nice. I did my freelance work, then Heather and I went out for lunch and to do a little shopping. Came back home, I did some housework, took Heather for an acupressure appointment, did more housework, picked her up, then settled in for the evening. Our nephew came by in full pirate regalia, so we gave him candy and hung out with his mom for a while, until they set out for more candy-filled pastures.

Heather and I had a good evening -- we carved a pumpkin (a vampire Jack O'Lantern!), toasted pumpkin seeds, drank hot apple cider, and watched Night of the Living Dead. (Heather pronounced it boring. Well, I guess it does move a bit slowly compared to later zombie flicks, but it was so influential! I still love it, especially the part where the escape plan utterly fails and they manage to set their own truck on fire. That's horror, right there -- you make a plan, you have faith in the plan, and by your own hapless idiocy you doom yourself. I could do without the deeply annoying sexism of the film, but what're you gonna do?) Later on I read Joe Lansdale's "Night they Missed the Horror Show", one of my favorite horror stories, about a couple of rednecks who skip the drive-in movie because Night of the Living Dead is showing, and they refuse to see a movie with a black protagonist. (Very bad things happen to them, of course. They would have been better off at the movie.) Not the most fun I've ever had on a Hallowe'en, but a very pleasant, low-key night.

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