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Real Things About Fictional Things
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Nice review of Hart & Boot & Other Stories.

A little write-up about Blood Engines at SciFi Wire, courtesy of John Joseph Adams.

I talked to my friend D. a few days ago. [As background, note that I've known D. for years and years and years, and he's a guy who's had divers and strange experiences, and I have been known to include occasional exploits from his life into my work (and, heck, Blood Engines is even dedicated to him).] So D. says to me, "I was sparring with this girl in Aikido class, and she noticed the scar on my chest. She asked me how I got it, and I told her it was a knife scar from a dumb fight I got into in high school. And she said, 'You're lying. You stole that story from Tim Pratt's The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl.' [The character Jonathan, in that novel, has a similar scar acquired in the same way.]" To which D. replied, "Actually, he stole that story from me. We were housemates in college." And, apparently, she didn't believe him! So, young Miss Aikido, if you're reading this, believe the man. He speaks truth.

D. also got a date once based on my work, when he encountered a cute girl in a bookstore looking at one of my books. He chatted her up based on his connection with me and they went out. Given that D. paid my tuition one semester and kept me from having to quit college, and has saved my life in various literal and figurative ways over the years, I'm happy to help him in any way I can, however passively...

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