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State of the Onion
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Life is actually pretty marvelous. River is sleeping as much as four hours at a stretch now, and Heather and I are taking shifts so we can each get at least five hours or so of sleep a night (sometimes as many as six or seven hours, though not in a row, of course). I won't say we're well-rested, not by any means, but I feel like I'm at a sustainable level of tiredness!

I crossed the 10,000 word mark on Grift Sense yesterday. If I can write at least 500 words a day, every day, including holidays, weekends, etc., I should be able to get a finished draft done by my deadline in May 2008. (I hope, and expect, that I'll have days where I do more than 500 words, so I can miss the occasional day without blowing my schedule.) If I finish early enough I might actually be able to send it to first readers for feedback, but I'm not counting on that. I know how the book ends, and I have some nice linchpin scenes I'm writing towards, and I know what scene I'm writing next, and as long as that state of affairs persists, I'll be okay.

My story "Artifice and Intelligence" from Strange Horizons is going to be reprinted in Rich Horton's Science Fiction: The Best of the Year next year. Once again I demonstrate my total inability to predict which stories of mine people will like; I thought "Restless in my Hand" and "From Around Here" were the best stories I published this year... I mean, I wrote "A&I" basically on a dare, when Heather challenged me to write a story with only six scenes that contained three AIs. Though upon re-reading it I do think it turned out rather nicely, and it joins "Cup and Table" on the very short list of stories that I think I actually ended well.

Our friends Scott and Lynne are visiting us tomorrow, to meet our little Riverboat, and that should be super crazy sun. I've missed them. My mom and siblings are coming in a week and a half. Yay for visits!

Y'all may have noticed that I haven't yet revealed the nature of my [redacted] deal, though I said weeks ago the end was nigh. That is because t's are still being crossed, i's dotted, and black cocks sacrificed in the crossroads at the dark of the moon. I'm assured things are moving along, and I'll share when I can. Glad I wasn't counting on the money to buy Xmas presents though...

It's my birthday next week. I'll be 31 on the 12th. Where does the time go?

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