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A good birthday was had by me! River was pretty sweet all day, which helped. Heather gave me yummy media -- the first collection of Warren Ellis's Fell, which I managed to read in quick snatches through the day (and which proves that Ellis is as good at crime stories as he is at SF), and the new Futurama movie Bender's Big Score. We watched the latter (which is great fun) while eating enormous cheeseburgers and drinking milkshakes. I didn't even have to go out for the food -- Heather went out and got it for me! Earlier in the day we went to Target and spent a nice big gift card Heather got a while back, at her baby shower. We mostly bought baby stuff, but also some clothes, picture frames, a new coffee grinder, etc. River snoozed the whole time we were shopping, which is about the best outcome you can hope for, really.

The evening was a little bumpier. I didn't quite manage to watch my birthday horror movie (28 Weeks Later... the first 30 minutes are okay, and I hope to watch the rest tonight). I did catch up on typing in my handwritten pages on Grift Sense (though I gave myself the day off from doing new writing). River was on the fussy side for most of the wee hours of the night, never staying down for more than an hour or two at a stretch, probably because he slept so much during the day. But, hey, we're used to that. It's okay.

Now I'm 31. I am divisible by nothing but 1 and myself. Feeling very prime today.

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