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Already Looking Back
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The "What I published in 2007" meme:

Short fiction:

"Grander than the Sea" in The Solaris Book of New Fantasy, December 2007.

"Observer Effects" in Diet Soap, December 2007.

"Morris and the Machine" in Triangulations: The End of Time, September 2007.

"Artifice & Intelligence" in Strange Horizons, August 2007.

"Restless in my Hand" in Realms of Fantasy, August 2007.

"From Around Here" in Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories, May/June 2007.

"Jen at the Crossroads" in Ping Pong, February 2007.

A pseudonymous erotica story.


Blood Engines (Marla Mason #1), from Bantam Spectra, October 2007.

Hart & Boot & Other Stories (story collection), from Night Shade Books, January 2007.

Things I did this year:

Long fiction:

Revised Poison Sleep

Revised The Light of a Better World (again)

Wrote Dead Reign

Started writing Grift Sense (~17,000 words and counting)

Short Fiction:

"The River Boy" (forthcoming in Clarkesworld)

"The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft" with Nick Mamatas (forthcoming in Chizine)

"Artifice and Intelligence" (which done already come out in Strange Horizons)

"Observer Effects" (in Diet Soap #1)

"Her Voice in a Bottle" (looking for a good home)

"A Lake of Spaces" (as yet unsold)

"Over There, and Back Again" (in dire need of revision)

Also roughly 100,000 words of non-fiction (porn reviews, sex-stuff-on-the-net column). So I've written about 160,000 words of fiction. I'm very much content with having written a quarter of a million words this year! Especially what with having a 36-hour-a-week day job and all... Will probably write another 8,000 to 16,000 words of fiction before the New Year, and will certainly write another 4,000 words of non-fiction, on account of I've got weekly deadlines for that.

And I co-edited two issues of Flytrap, and put out Heather's chapbook When We Were Twelve!

Things I still need to do this year:

Write at least another 8,000 words of Grift Sense, and more if I can swing it. (My minimum is 500 words a day, every day, and I'm averaging closer to 1,000 a day.) Write a story for an anthology I was invited to, if I can find the time.

Things I need to do early next year:

Finish up Grift Sense

Um... sell more books? Preferably The Light of a Better World and a couple more Marla novels?

Things to do by the end of next year:

Take a real frigging vacation.

Write some short stories.

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