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All Wet
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Hrm. So the sleeping seven hours at a stretch thing appears to have been a weird multi-day fluke. The past couple of nights River has been doing the usual three or four hours at a time thing. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

Blood Engines made the Locus bestseller list in the January issue. At #10, but hey, I'll take what I can get! (Huh, that's the first time I've looked at the Amazon page in a while. Lots of reviews there I hadn't seen before. Most of the really positive ones seem to dig the fact that Marla isn't the typical urban fantasy bombshell/badass combo, but is instead cranky and amoral. That's good to know, because she continues that way!)

The rain is kind of apocalyptic today. It looks like pre-dawn out my window, even though it's well into morning. The street outside my house is essentially a rushing river. The wind is so high that trucks are blowing over on bridges, though up in the hills where I work, it's mostly just tree branches on the road and my umbrella turning inside out. I actually enjoy weather like this... if I'm snuggled up at home with cocoa. Going out in it and coming to work was rough.

Some people are posting lists of stuff they wrote that's eligible for this year's Hugo awards. As I was fortunate enough to win one last year, it seems, I dunno, somewhat unsporting to be agitating for a Hugo this year. (Especially since I did no agitation at all last year, and the award fell on my head anyway.) But, if you want to know, check out my bibliography page. Anything with a 2007 pub date is eligible in some category or another. Drop me an e-mail if you're a voter and want to read something, and I'll send it along.

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