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And Other Things
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(Things besides the movie option, I mean. I just thought it deserved its own post.)

Lawrence Kapture gave Hart & Boot & Other Stories a really great review; I think he's pretty much my ideal reader.

Blood Engines is this month's book for the Kelley Armstrong Book Club, which is cool. Go over and join the discussion (but I'm staying out of it, and haven't even read the thread, because then I might be tempted to respond, and nothing kills a discussion like having an author drop in, mucking up the place!).

I know it's bad luck to praise your baby, being as it attracts the attentions of demons and whatnot, but damn, River is awesome. He slept eight hours last night. I don't mean he went eight hours between feedings. I mean he slept for that long. Heather and I both got a full night's sleep! (Well, I had nightmares of home invasions and busy signals when I called 911, and she was up a couple of times for various reasons, but basically, we both slept through.) What a great kid! His pediatric visit went well, too. His weight and height and such are pretty much where they're supposed to be (50th percentile in some things, 20% in others... mostly right in the meaty part of the curve). He's over ten pounds now!

People keep sending us baby presents, which is awesome, but unexpected. Apparently we triggered a new wave of gifts by sending out birth announcements. Which, while not our intention, is most welcome!

Today I went to the DMV, which was predictably tedious, and I'm now the proud owner of a new license plate. Tra and la and such. At least it's over.

Got the copyedited manuscript for Dead Reign yesterday, and have 11 or 12 days to turn it around. Should be doable, unless it's unusually bad (I haven't even looked at it yet).

Also got my tax organizer thingy from our tax prep guy. Oof. I'm itching to get my taxes done, so I don't have to think about them for another year, but I have to wait for my W-2 and about a million different 1099s before I can do much. I guess I'll sort my receipts. And soon I'll write a big check for my January 15th quarterly taxes, which will slurp all the money out of my savings account. C'est la vie.

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