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How It Is
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Rich Horton wrote a great review of Blood Engines for SF Site.

Heather posted River Week 10 photos on Flickr. Behold the unbearable cuteness of him!

On the home front, River's been sleeping with great consistency. 8 1/2 hours last night, 9 hours the night before, and 9 hours the night before that! Tuesday night was great -- he slept from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.! Wednesday was less good, because he conked out at 6 p.m. and was, thus, up at 3 in the morning... ah, well. Last night was a much more reasonable 8 to 4:30 stretch. We'll figure it out. We just need to keep him more interested in being awake in the evenings, but it's hard, especially if he doesn't nap in the afternoon. Bathtime before bed helps!

On my day off I loaded the kid up in the stroller and took him for a walk down to a cafe, with the crazy goal of working on my Dead Reign copyedits. He slept when I was pushing the stroller... but when I stopped, he woke up and demanded food, bouncing, and more food, in that order. I managed to do a bit of work one-handed, plowing through the first 60 pages, but I've got a heap of work left ahead of me this weekend. So it goes.

Heather posted River, Week 10 photos on Flickr. Behold the unbearable cuteness of him!

Heather and River came up to Montclair on Thursday and had lunch with me, which was super pleasant. We ate at Crogan's, and I had probably the best plate of french fries I've eaten in months. Mmm, perfection. River wasn't fussy, either, as long as one of us was holding him. Good thing we got food we could eat one-handed! (Though Heather was pissed when the waitress dropped all her leftover pasta in the course of taking it to be wrapped up to go -- it was like half the food, and was going to be her dinner! We didn't even get any of the food comped in recompense. Sucks.)

The weekend after next will be great fun -- Dawson is coming to town, and we'll do something fun for Heather's birthday. (It's a big one!)

I've pretty much hit my word count goal for January on Grift Sense already, with two weeks left in the month... if I keep this up, maybe I'll have time to give it to first readers after all!

So that's how it is.

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