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Morning Bell
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I woke up at 3:30 a.m., which is unsurprising, since I went to bed at 8:30 last night, when River did. I was really tired, so falling asleep was easy... but now I am totally rested. And my kid is still sleeping, here at 5:30 a.m. So here's a journal entry!

Oh, the latest pictures of River are up! I'm so glad Heather's still doing the week-by-week photo round-ups. She put up a few new videos of him, too, though they're aimed more at grandparents, being full mostly of minutes of cooing.


I went into the city on Thursday with Heather and River to see my friend Anne, the producer who optioned Blood Engines (well, her company did the optioning, but she was the book's passionate advocate there). We had a fantastic dinner at Anzu, a Japanese/European fusion restaurant (sea scallops! chicken katsudon!), and River was a perfect angel throughout. Heather took the kid back home after lunch, while I hung out and talked to Anne for a while longer. There was a bit of substance -- now that the Writers' Strike is over, development possibilities are being pursued, and etc. -- but mostly it was just a chance to catch up and re-connect, having not seen one another since our initial meeting in 2006. It was fun! We drank champagne and had a lot of laughs. It's nice, working with people you really like. I've been lucky in that regard.


Friday I took River into the office with me, so Heather could have a day free to sort and pack. (She did a truly heroic job of it, too. We have much old clothing to donate and books to sell.) Having the kid at work was mostly quite fun! I wasn't as productive as I usually am, of course, but the issue went into the printer on Wednesday, so Friday was a pretty mellow day anyway. The last couple of hours were pretty rough, because I was the only one left in the office by then, and there was no one around to entertain River while I, say, talked to subscribers on the phone or, you know, went to pee. And being in a new place REALLY excited him, so he didn't get his proper nap, and he was non-stop fussy from 3 p.m. or so until I left (apart from a couple of blissful ten-minute periods where he actually fell asleep). By the time I got home I was pretty exhausted (skipping lunch didn't help, because I was starving and cranky), but most of the time when he's in the office, there will be other people around to help. I think this "no daycare" plan will actually work, especially since he'll only be in the office with me two days a week.

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