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Among the Boxen
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There's a lovely review of Poison Sleep up at Fantasy Book Critic.

April is the cruellest month, but it'll be pretty good for me (apart from paying taxes, but, you know, I've come to terms with that). Poison Sleep (Buy it!) is coming out (actually, it's probably in stores already, and Amazon starts shipping copies on Tuesday the 25th -- so, er, tomorrow!). My collaboration with Nick Mamatas, "The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft", will be in Chizine, and my article "Not Now, Sweetie, Daddy's Worldbuilding" (about trying the write in the midst of new fatherhood) will be in Clarkesworld.

I wrote the latter because I had dinner with Nick a few days ago, actually. He was in town for a conference, and he came over to hang out with me and Heather on Saturday evening. We ate burgers and chatted, and Nick said he had a pressing need for an article for the April issue, and he knew I was in need of cash, so he told me to write him something. Better yet, he told me what to write about! (I'd been blathering about trying to balance writing and parenting, so it was clear I had things to say.) The next morning, around 6:30 a.m., I wrote the article while River babbled at the sun spinner. I think it turned out well, though it's only about my experience, of course, without too many attempts to universalize the particular.

I've got a lot of writing to do in the next few weeks, actually. My erotica-writing alter-ego has been asked for a story, and it's a project I'd really like to contribute to... but it requires writing something new by, like, April 10th! I need to work on a proposal for a YA series I've been mulling over for a while. (Promised my agent 50 pages and a synopsis in the nearish future.)

Plus, you know, I still need to write about 25,000 words of (Not)Grift Sense in the next five weeks. (It's only about 660 words a day... if I can write every day.) And then there's the fact that River goes in for surgery on Wednesday morning, which fact tends to distract me sufficiently that writing becomes difficult whenever it occurs to me...

It's busy, busy, busy, but things will be much more mellow in six weeks or so. (I hope.) We spent Easter Sunday afternoon cleaning out the last remnants of our stuff from the garage at the old apartment, so we're finally totally moved out. (Last night I had nightmares about moving -- we lived in Japan, with a million books, and we were evicted, and had to pack and ship all our books back to the states, and there were no boxes...) That's a relief. Now we just have to get our new apartment unpacked, a rather daunting prospect in itself. But, in truth, it's already starting to feel like a home, and when I get stressed out, I go on the balcony, look at the lake, and feel better.

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