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I sent The Novel Formerly Known As Grift Sense off to some first readers, then started reading it myself. Oof, the continuity errors. So many of them. It's like the book was written by somebody with short-term memory loss. I found one sentence that has a continuity error in it -- at the beginning I say a pair of boots are black, but by the end of the sentence, they're green. That's a symptom of writing the book mostly in 15-minute snippets, I think.

Life continues to be... challenging. Due to a banking mishap (actually not even remotely my fault, for once), some money I should have access to now won't be available for withdrawal until the 16th of the month... which is great, except I'm sending a giant check to the US government on the 15th. Assuming all goes well, the funds will appear in my account on the 16th, before the government deposits the check... but it makes me antsy. I'm expecting about six or seven other checks for various story and article and freelance and reprint sales, but there's no telling when they'll arrive. Every day I check my mailbox with hope, and every day my hopes are dashed. Etc.

And, of course, our insurance company is giving us hell about paying for River's surgeries. Heather spent ages on the phone yesterday and we *think* it's getting straightened out, but it's stressful.

Apart from that, though, things are all right! I'm doing good work on a proposal for a YA novel (and possible sequel), and River is a cheerful lovely kid, and my wife is awesome, and Heather's mom is in town so there's some occasional babysitting help to be had (Heather and I are contemplating an actual date at some point). Granted, the kid woke me up briefly at 3 a.m. hollering for a bottle, and then woke up again for good at 6 in the morning, but I went to bed early last night, so I'm not dying of exhaustion. We'll go to the Farmer's Market this morning. See some friends. Enjoy the springlike weather. All will be well.

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