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Barely two months after publication, Poison Sleep has gone back for a second printing! (Quick, go buy more so they have to do a third! I can't help but think this improves my chances of actually getting to write the fifth book, which I told my editor about over the weekend... that would be awesome.)

Called in sick yesterday. I was over the worst of it -- no more puking, and I even ate oatmeal -- but let's just say proximity to my own bathroom was a definite necessity. Today is my traditional day off and I'm feeling better, though not everything is in tip-top working order yet. River's got a doctor's appointment, I need to do some porn reviews, work on line-editing The Light of a Better World, etc. Busy day.

I won't do an extensive detailed con report. (Some parts of the convention I don't wanna remember!) Suffice to say I had some great conversations, acquired some cool books (notably The Sun Inside by David Schwartz, a novella that could be called ER Burroughs fanfic, but is actually much more complex and weird and thoughtful than that suggests), sold some 'zines (we'll send subscribers their copies of Flytrap, and set up the website for ordering individual copies, in the next week or so), and drank too much (including absinthe, which is like licorice that kicks you in the head). River was the real hit of the convention, and we'll post photos once we're feeling up to it. He had various wonderful outfits, from a superhero costume (complete with cape) to a dragon cloak to overalls featuring kids and monkeys in space helmets. He charmed everybody, and as a result, he had lots of people to fly him around and talk to him, which made him happy. Our kid is a very social kid.

It would've been a great convention, I think, if not for the onset of the terrible plague.

Hope the rest of you made it home safely.

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