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Under the Knife
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Stressful week. The baby goes into the hospital for (probably) surgery tomorrow, so that's been weighing on my mind. There's some job/scheduling upheaval stuff going on, too, which I think will work out (not ideally, but in a way that will allow me to, you know, keep having a job), but it's been a source of agitation in an already over-agitated week.

I managed to escape into work pretty well yesterday. As I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I finished a draft of the simulation story. Then, on my afternoon walk with the baby (I walked, he napped), I started thinking about a story I'd had an idea for years and years ago. I'd taken a stab at writing it, but didn't get very far before giving up, partly because I thought it was so damn odd I'd be unable to sell it anywhere, and partly because there was a thorny point-of-view problem I couldn't find my way around. But while pushing the ol' stroller I figured out a way around the problem, and came home and wrote "A Steadfast Tin Soldier." (Only 1300 words, but they're good ones.) I'm really pleased with it, I have to say. Heather pronounced it good, and it seemed perfect for a project I was invited to recently, so I sent it off. Heard back today; they love it, so it's one of those rare stories that's written and sold in a day. (The project is under wraps for now -- hence the coyness. I'll tell you more when I can.)

I was so in the writing-zone I revised the simulation story yesterday, too, adding a scene, cutting and rearranging others, and it's not as bad as I thought. (Tentative title is "Unexpected Outcomes.") Needs another run-through or two, but I think it's basically sound. It'll go the usual rounds once I get it buffed up.

Losing yourself in work is good, and it helped a lot, yesterday. But I doubt I can write while sitting in a hospital waiting room with my kid under the knife. Even if it is a very small knife.

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