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Fish and Lizards
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Take a look at the latest pictures of River, including shots of baby in a tiny hospital gown.

Here's a link to some fan-damn-tastic artwork by Dan Dos Santos including the cover for Dead Reign and a really sweet piece commissioned for the new Hellboy movie. I so lucked out getting this guy as my cover artist.

A few of my stories are going to appear at PodCastle, the all-fantasy fiction podcast spin-off from Escape Pod. I sent them "Cup and Table," which they accepted, and then the editor mentioned that she'd just read my collection Hart & Boot & Other Stories, and wanted to publish "Komodo" and "Bottom Feeding" too! (The latter is the one Greg van Eekhout always calls "Shiteater," my first Asimov's story, and one I'm happy to see get new life.)

It's been a busy weekend here. We did a trip to the Farmer's Market yesterday, and lunch at the Coffee Mill, and assorted shopping, and a lot of walking. The kid is still out-of-sorts, and his sleep schedule is scrambled, from the anesthesia (it takes a day or two to get all the way out of his system). He wound up going to bed way early (and waking up briefly at 2:30 a.m. and then 5 a.m. for good, oof). Heather went to see a dance show with her sister in the city last night while I took baby duty, which wasn't too difficult, since he slept. I watched some Doctor Who and did some reading before bed.

Today we actually got off our proverbial butts and did some work on the house, getting the disastrously messy balcony organized, working on the baby's room (piling up clothes he's outgrown, oh my!), and etc. Feels good to get stuff done, even if I'm all sweaty now... The baby has been cranky all day, but I'll take a cranky baby over a sad recovering-from-surgery baby!

Tonight: fajitas for dinner, with fresh guacamole and handmade tortillas and mango/papaya salsa and other fun Farmer's Market/Trader Joe's ingredients. Should be yummy.

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