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Boat Trips
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I love sitting out on the balcony watching the sailboats on the weekends and the kayak/canoeing/rowing classes and/or teams practicing during the week. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, surrounded by flowers (thanks to Heather's diligent gardening), or drinking some wine at night. It's a little beautiful pocket of peace in our lives.

This week I revised my Simulation story ("Unexpected Outcomes") one last time and put it in the mail to a magazine. I haven't written much, except for freelance obligations. Starting to feel that itch to write more strongly. I have some story ideas, so on my day off I picked one and just hurled myself against it. Did about a thousand words. It's the superhero idea I got when I slipped out to watch The Dark Knight last week. It's... odd. The superhero never actually appears in the story. We'll see how it turns out. The idea is promising, but I don't think it should overstay its welcome, so I may attempt to keep the piece short. Trying to decide if I want to explicitly set it in the world of "Captain Fantasy and the Secret Masters" or not.

I contributed to another SF Signal Mind Meld, this time about worldbuilding. I don't so much build worlds as insinuate weird things into the real world, so some other answers are more interesting than mine...

In other news I cannot friggin' WAIT for our trip to Hawaii.

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