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Rivers and Islands
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Lessee. Rose at the crack of dawn today to take River to a doctor's appointment, to see his pediatric opthamologist. They checked his eyes (which entailed much screaming, because River was up at 5 and by the time the doctor saw him he was sleepy), and determined that River is nearsighted from the glaucoma. Which means... baby glasses! Indestructible rubber frames! Elastic strapped to his tiny head! It's sad, and glaucoma pisses me off, but it'll be cute.

We can't technically afford to buy him glasses just now, though things are about to get better. My editor just sent me the marked-up manuscript for Spell Games, and it's just a line-edit, with no substantive edits requested (she didn't even send an editorial letter!). Juliet has kicked my ass on a couple of manuscripts, so it means a lot to me when she tells me a book is clean. It's close enough to done that she put through the delivery portion of my advance, so sweet money is on the way! Now I don't have to worry about paying taxes next month, buying groceries next month, etc.!

(I feel a bit silly complaining about poverty when we're, you know, going to Hawaii at the end of the month, but that's a funny situation -- we got some surprise money, pretty much exactly enough to cover a really nice vacation after taxes, and decided to throw caution to the wind and book the trip. In retrospect we probably should have saved the money for a rainy fortnight, but, hell, the tickets are bought, and in five years I'll still remember the trip, while I'll have forgotten the pain of having no disposable income for a few weeks. Sometimes the irresponsible choice is still the right choice.)

Tomorrow I go back to work, to a strangely empty office -- pretty much everybody else there is off at Worldcon. I hope they have fun! (I'm not really disappointed about missing the convention. Worldcons can be fun, but they're exhausting, and going to Denver and Hawaii would be too much travel in too short a time for my taste. Plus, see above re: no money.)

Me and the kid have had a good time today, though we've stayed inside the apartment, since his eyes are dilated and he's even more light-sensitive than usual. We played, made a tent in the living room out of a sheet, flew around, ate liquid turkey and vegetables (he did, anyway), and baked cookies (he supervised from his high chair). I also made some effort to get ahead on my pr0n reviewing for the month, so I won't feel the pressure of falling behind while on vacation. TOO MUCH PORN.

Man. That vacation is a beacon. I can't wait.

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