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The Kids of Today Must Defend Themselves Against the '70s
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Wow, I didn't realize I was the first Hugo winner born in the 1970s (Elizabeth Bear is the second, and congrats to her for her win, and to all the other Hugo winners!). I'm not sure what to think of it... I mean, in a sense it's not that big a deal -- younger people have been winning Hugos and Nebulas from time to time since the awards began, and the ever-moving tide of time is sufficient that some of those younger winners now have birthdates in the age of disco, old-school suburban ennui, and key parties. But in the comments of that post linked up there, Bear makes a good point that she sees a demographic shift in fandom -- there's the Worldcon crowd, and there's the Wiscon crowd (which skews younger and more diverse in various ways). That's a huge generalization, of course, and yet, it's a generalization that fits me personally; I've been going to Wiscon for seven years, but have only been to three Worldcons, two of those in my home state (and the other because I was nominated for the Campbell Award, in which longtime readers will recall I placed a gentleman's fourth.)

I dunno what the hell it means, but it's kind of interesting.

And, y'know, it's always cool to be the first in something. As long as it's not something bad.

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