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Don't Fence Me In
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Wednesday was mostly pretty nice. Worked in the basement moving boxes around (that was dirty and sweaty and unpleasant), but we all knocked off an hour or so early to hang out with Neal Stephenson, who was visiting the office prior to his reading at Moe's in Berkeley. He regaled us with tales of the noble art of shovelfighting and other such subjects, and we all had wine. Pretty sweet.

Yesterday was my Officebaby Day, with River in attendance while I worked. He was cheerful and happy to be there, by and large, and on my break we went to the park and played in the sand. (While a construction crew gradually built an eight-foot-high chain-link fence around us! They're doing some renovations in the park, apparently. They left a gate so we could escape, as we were wholly walled in, with some other parents and kids, by the time we left.) River had a great time. He can't really use the playground equipment yet, but he can cruise it!

The week's been kind of a blur. Getting back into the swing of non-vacation life. At least there's good TV (Last season of The Wire on DVD! Mad Men!) and reasonably okay TV (The Shield, Sarah Connor, probably Fringe once we get around to it) to watch. We broke our streak of cooking well Wednesday night, breaking down and ordering Thai food. Yummy, though, and not really that expensive. (Or maybe my sense of "expensive" is still utterly skewed by the prices on Maui?) Last night we had spaghetti, which is kind of the default meal of last resort in our house (well, it's a step above boca burgers, I guess). But tomorrow we'll hit the Farmer's market and get goooood food again!

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