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Stolen Moments
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River was supposed to have a hospital visit Friday, but with very little notice the surgery coordinator rescheduled us to next Friday, sigh. Which means the weekend wasn't spent caring for an anesthesia-addled baby after all, which is good, but now we have to dread it and worry for another week.

Saturday was a nice melange of work and fun. Got up around 6:30 with the baby and had our usual morning fun. He just got some new cool cheap toys from Craigslist, so his Baby Enclosure (or Babysphere or Baby Safe Zone or BabyCage) is full of crazy excitement. (Basically the living room is our most childproofed room, so we throw up some gates at the edges and let him have free reign in there.)

In the morning I went through my remaining Flytrap submissions and made final decisions. Everyone's been answered, now -- if you submitted fiction via e-mail and haven't heard back yet, query me, because either it went astray or you didn't get my answer. Snail-mail responses went out in yesterday's mail. It's going to be a great issue fiction-wise, with maybe a bit more science fiction than usual, and lots of authors who are new to the 'zine.

The baby napped and I worked on my YA, which is going swimmingly. After he woke Heather and I loaded him up and headed for the Farmer's Market (we got there too late to get apple cider, alas! But I did get lamb sausage). We ran some errands and did some shopping and had lunch at the Lakeshore Café, where River ate yet another side order of avocado along with tidbits of other food. Also, he flirted with everyone he saw and appeared to fall in love with about three different women, based on the way he stared and cooed at them.

River declined to take an afternoon nap, so he was pretty exhausted by his bedtime, and sort of moaned his way through dinner and bathtime beforehand, and dropped right off to snoozy-land when Heather put him down. (Though he woke up at 2 a.m. and wanted to be changed and fed, a distressing change after weeks of sleeping straight through -- we think he's teething.)

We grown-ups watched a few episodes of Dexter, and Heather turned in... and I wrote some more, until about 1 a.m. Managed to get over 5,000 words written on The Stolen State yesterday. Some good scenes, too, I think. Things are really starting to ramp up in the second half of the book -- and it's already a novel where there's new action, spectacle, and revelation in every chapter. Only another 25,000 or so more words to go, unless I'm really misjudging the length. (My falling action almost always takes longer than I expected, so who knows.)

Good baby, good food, good writing, good TV, good weather -- life is good!

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