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Here I Go A' Meme-a-ling
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Pro-writer career path meme via Elizabeth Bear:

Current Status as of this morning:

The Nex: in the midst of final-ish revision pass

The Light of a Better World: all finished and pending submission (we'll send it out after the new year, as nothing gets done much during the holidays in publishing anyway)

Broken Mirrors (Marla Mason #5): A loose conglomeration of notes and notions, but I won't write it unless I sell it first, and it'll be a while before I know for sure.

"Marla vs. The Fairies": an ending in search of a middle and beginning

"Marla vs. The Superhero": a beginning in search of a middle and an ending

"Marla vs. The Beast of Felport": a beginning, middle, and ending in search of some authorial attention

Age when I decided I wanted to be a writer: 8

Age when I wrote my first story: 8 (perhaps earlier; that's the oldest one I have a record of)

Age when I got my hands on a typewriter: 10 or 11? An Aztec manual that I called "Eddie" (after Poe)

Age when I first submitted a short story to a magazine: 14

Thickness of file of rejection slips prior to first story sale: Never counted, but certainly scores

Age when I sold my first short story: 21

Age when I killed my first market: 21 (I think it was my third sale when I had a 'zine up and die on me before publication)

Approximate number of short stories/novelettes/novellas sold for cash money: 77

Age when I first sold a poem: 21

Poems sold: 50ish

Age when I wrote my first novel: First attempted a novel at age 8 or so. First completed a novel-length draft at 20.

Age when I sold a first novel: 27

Novels written between age 20 and age 27: 5

Age when I wrote the first novel I sold: 24

Age when that novel was published: 28

Total number of novels written (discounting juvenilia): 11

Books sold: 8 (5 novels, two story collections, one poetry collection)

Books published or delivered and in the pipeline: 8

Number of titles in print: 7

Number of titles fallen out of print: 0

Age when a work was first shortlisted for a Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy or Stoker award: 26

Age when I first won a Hugo award: 30

Age when I became a full-time novelist: Not yet!

Age now: 31 (for two more weeks; I turn 32 on December 12)

Consider this a journal meme: if you write professionally, feel free to post your own equivalent of this list. (Obviously you'll need to customize it to track your career path -- but you get the idea.)

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