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A Green Day
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On March 17, 2001, a mere eight years ago (eight whole years ago!) I first met my wife, Heather Shaw, when I went to a brunch at her house, invited by a mutual friend. Heather and I call this day our Meet-a-versary. (Everyone wears green in honor of our love!) Tonight to celebrate we drank a very delicious wine we'd been saving (a Rex Goliath Pinot Noir, yum).

So today was a nice day. Got a lot of work done, spent a lot of time with the kid, running around a couple of parks and reading books in the living room and scaring pigeons off the balcony. Immensely pleasant. And the world's getting that good springtime feeling.

I wrote a story last week -- the cloud-silver-mining story -- called "Silver Linings." First story I've written since January. Nice to get back into fiction. I think it turned out well; we'll see what editors think.

My superhero story "Origin Story" is online at Escape Pod for your listening pleasure, and exists nowhere else. I wrote it as a monologue and thought it would work well in audio and offered it to Steve Eley as an audio original. (If any editors out there want to pay me to publish the text version, my e-mail door is always open.) It's nice to see some comments and reviews (like this one) that show people are getting the central conceit/joke/form of the story (basically my attempt to recreate in microcosm the entire development of superhero comics from the Golden Age to the Modern Age, encompassed by a single character). Anyway, I like the story, and I'm glad it's out there.

I've been reading David Foster Wallace and Jennifer Crusie lately, and enjoying both (with admittedly different parts of my brain.) I've also been reading tons and tons of stories (and sending tons and tons of e-mails) for a reprint anthology I'm editing, which I'll talk about in more detail soon (contracts should be signed and such shortly). It is shall we say exciting times.

And finally some linky type things, feel free to ignore them: Rich Horton reviews Dead Reign and Spell Games and Thomas M. Wagner reviews Dead Reign.

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