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No April Fooling this year; I'm sure you found enough elsewhere online to keep you entertained.

My story "A Programmatic Approach to Perfect Happiness" -- AKA "the kinky robot story" -- is now online at Futurismic. Go, read, marvel at the robotic kinkiness.

The lingering illness of lingering ickiness persists. The baby's pinkeye is all cleared up, and mine is much improved, but there was still some gunk in my lashes when I woke up this morning. More annoying is the dry persistent cough I developed two days ago, which makes sleeping a bit of a trial. And as of right now my uvula is inflamed and feels roughly the size of a hot air balloon, which is unpleasant; I keep thinking I'm going to swallow it. (This has happened to me before; it usually gets better in a day or two.) I'm a bit tired of being a viral punching bag, frankly. I missed two days of work last week (one to stay home with sick baby, one because I was sick myself), and don't feel inclined to miss more this week.

Apart from feeling generally yucky it's a fairly pleasant spring so far. The weather has been beautiful. Maybe by this weekend I'll be feeling well enough to go out and enjoy it.

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