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Sympathy for the Devil
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I'm editing a reprint anthology of stories about the devil for Night Shade Books, called Sympathy for the Devil. (How awesome is this? Answer: very awesome.)

I've got about 210,000 words to fill, and though I had a lot of old favorites in mind when I pitched this project, I've only filled about 160,000 words so far. That's where you come in: recommend stories to me.

I'm happy to look at Deal-with-the-Devil stories, but I'm not limited to those -- any story where the devil appears (even if in disguise, as long as it's strongly implied that it's the devil, a la "Young Goodman Brown") is fair game. I'm interested in various devilish aspects -- suave trickster Mephistopheles, brooding Lucifer, terrifying monstrous Satan, and maybe even a few cosmic adversaries who behave in devilish ways (so Shaitan and Ahriman count too), and weirder stuff too. When recommending, err on the side of inclusiveness. Classic stuff, old stuff, new stuff, whatever.

With the help of John Joseph Adams (who's given me tons of great advice already), I set up a recommendations database with a simple form to make this easy, so please do use my Devil Story Database to make suggestions. I won't be able to use everything, but I'll try to put together a "recommended reading" list too.

To see the recommendations that have already been made:

Devil Story Recommendations

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