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Less Gloom
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So, some good news: My weird fantasy "Silver Linings" sold to, which is awesome (not least because they pay well; that sale is pretty close to what I make in two weeks at my day job, so this buys my half-employed family some more financial breathing room!). I also sold my short-short "Caltrops" to Flash Fiction Online, and my even shorter story "Incubus" to Podcastle.

I sold the latter after reading it (and some other funny flash pieces) as part of a group Clarion West reading at Borderlands (even though three of the readers actually attended Clarion and not CW, heh) last Thursday. One of the other readers was Rachel Swirsky, editor of Podcastle, and she said I should send the story to her. So I did. Sometimes this is an easy business.

The reading was nice. I'd been in something of a funk because of the Marla series getting dropped and all the other crappy life upheavals in recent months. The reading was grand, and it was nice to meet some readers, including store owner Alan's daughter, who's a big fan of the Marla books. Going out for a drink with Nick Mamatas and Ben Burgis and Pat Murphy and assorted other souls afterward was a welcome bit of socializing too.

The weekend was eventful. A barbecue/wake for my boss on Saturday night. We got a babysitter, so Heather and I were able to stay late talking and eating and drinking (well, she drove home, so I did most of the drinking). Sunday we went to a memorial for him, though I had to duck out after an hour or so, since River was in full I-need-my-nap meltdown mode.

It was approximately 5,000 times more social than I usually am. It was good, but the urge to go into hermitlike hiding for a few days is strong in me now.

Been reading some good stuff. Paul G. Tremblay's weird horror novella The Harlequin and the Train (which I don't recommend reading while on a commuter train, as I did, however). Some Dennis Lehane, Mark Teppo's weird occult fantasy Lightbreaker (a pretty good first novel, and I'll probably write a formal review of it at some point), some Ed McBain police procedurals.

Last night I made some truly kickass fresh guacamole, with red onion and jalapenos and some lime juice. Yum yum yum.

There's still a lot of light to be found, even in these dark times.

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