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My agent was happy with my novel proposal, and is going to send it out, so that's exciting. I need to cobble together a couple paragraphs for the potential sequels I have in mind though.

The wife had a job interview that went quite well, so we're hopeful. She thinks she'd really like the job.

My long Labor Day weekend was pleasant. Lots of reading, playing video games, enjoying the weather, wandering around, spending time with the wife and kid, eating apple pie ice cream, etc.

My mother-in-law is in town, so yesterday we all went over to the Lake Chalet, the new restaurant that opened in the historic Lake Merritt boathouse. It looks great in there, very upscale, though we ate in the sub-restaurant called the Dock -- which is literally the old dock, extending out into the water, where they've got great shaded tables and first-come-first-serve seating and a limited menu. But Tuesdays out there are Taco Tuesdays, with cheap(er) margaritas and $2.50 fish, veggie, or carne asada tacos. We feasted.

River needed a break partway through, so I went with him so he could run around in the grass in the surrounding park. Which was fine until he belly-flopped into fresh goose poop. A costume change was in order. Otherwise it was an unmarred afternoon.

On Saturday, my wife leaves me for the Blue Heaven writing workshop. I'm happy for her, and jealous, and worried about a week of solo parenting. At least I'll have grandma babysitting services!

Elsewhere on the internets: Scott Lynch battles the angrily entitled, and there's a great new episode of Shadow Unit: "Smoke and Mirrors" by Elizabeth Bear. (Though it makes more sense if you've been reading all along, so if you're new to the site, why not start at the beginning?)

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