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Some Silver Linings
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My wife is out of town (and our son is currently lying on his stomach, looking under the couch, and yelling "MOMMY!" in case she might be hiding under there), and so it's been a lonely few days. She gets back next Sunday. Which is a looong time, and I miss her. But I'm trying to focus on the positive, so some good things:

My story "Silver Linings", went online today at Great illustration by Thom Tenery, too. There's also audio of me reading the story, which (let's put this politely) privileges authenticity over polish...

My story "Restless in My Hand" and my unpublished flash piece "Uchronia" will be appearing on Podcastle at some point. The editor wrote to me asking for the stories, which is always nice. She heard me read "Uchronia" at an event a while back.

Jon Armstrong (author of the weird and wonderful fashionpunk novel Grey) interviewed literary agent Ginger Clark -- who represents me (and Jon, for that matter) -- for his podcast, "If You're Just Joining Us." Good funny stuff, though it made me miss hanging out with my agent in person, which I haven't done in years.

After a hiatus of three months or so, I'm getting back into the porn reviewing business, which is good, because I felt like a chump watching porn for nothing. The money will come in immensely handy.

My online serial novella Bone Shop accidentally became a novel this week, crossing the magical threshold of 40,000 words that (according to SFWA) separates very long stories from very short books. It's got another 15 or 20,000 words to go, too. So I'm now engaged in writing what will be my, hmm, 12th finished novel. (Of the others: five were published, four trunked, two are on submission currently.) I guess that's an accomplishment? Accidentally writing a novel? (Though this means I've still never managed to write a novella! Gah! The form eludes me!)

Other good things: I made a steak and a pile of sauteed mushrooms for dinner last night, a meal that is highly unlikely in my usual life, since Heather doesn't eat red meat. And I get to sleep sprawled out in the middle of the bed. And, um... Nope, that's it. Otherwise there's no upside to the absence of my best beloved. Not a good trade.

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