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The End Is Nigh
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Yesterday I had an awesome writing day. Did about 1500 words of freelance reviewing, and then -- in a couple of sessions at the keyboard -- another 8,000 words on Bone Shop...

And I finished the thing. It turned out to be a short novel, about 65,000 words long total. I'll post the final two chapters, one on Monday the 19th, the last on Monday the 26th. I felt rather wrung out when it was done, but I'm happy with it. I've been waiting to write some of those final scenes since I first started writing Bone Shop. And I fulfilled my goal of writing a story that takes Marla from a teenage runaway to the new chief sorcerer of Felport. It's a period in Marla's life I may return to for short fiction -- there are lots of cool stories from those years I didn't have time or space to tell in this format.

But anyway: it's my 12th finished novel! And my sixth published novel. The rest are either trunk books (my first four) or else currently on submission to publishers. Though I feel strange saying this book was "published" when I did the whole thing myself. Then again, the book has paid as well as a sale to a small press would have, so I'm not complaining. Thanks to everyone who's supported the book with publicity or donations. And if you've been holding off on donating, well, there are only two weeks left!

There are plans to do a downloadable audiobook version (details are pending, I'll let y'all know), and I'm thinking of putting together a print version, as many people have said they'd like to have it on the shelf. I can do the interior layout and publish it via or something, but I'm a bit stumped when it comes to cover art. I can't afford to pay an artist like the amazing Dan Dos Santos (who did the Bantam covers), which is a shame. Really, I can't afford to pay anybody. So it may be a simple typographic cover, or something with weird public domain art... I dunno. I'll think about it. I'll try to have it ready by Christmas.

Now that Bone Shop is done... what am I going to do with all my free time?

Guess I'll write some short stories.

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