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Agent Appreciation Day
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Today is agent appreciation day! I met my agent Ginger Clark back in the dim mists of pre-history (2003!), when she was Merrilee Heifetz's assistant at Writers House. My boss, who knew everyone in the publishing business, told Merrilee I was looking for an agent, and she suggested I try Ginger. So I sent her Rangergirl.

Ginger impressed me from the start by... not agreeing to represent me. She thought the book had some significant flaws, and her critiques were all spot-on. So I talked with her, did a revision based on her wonderfully astute comments, and showed her the book again. This time, she liked it, and not long after, she sold it! And she's sold a lot of other books for me over the years, too, always providing invaluable advice in the process.

In 2005, when Ginger left Writers House to work at Curtis Brown, I went with her, because it's about the personal relationships, not the name of the company on the letterhead. I've never regretted the decision. I've had fantastic experiences with the other agents I've had occasion to work with at Curtis Brown as well. (Though Writers House is great too, and has been awesome about working with us regarding those properties in which they still retain an interest.)

Ginger sends my kid birthday presents. Treats my wife to lunch when she happens to be visiting New York. Sends me flowers when I win an award -- and sometimes when I lose one! Has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me in times of dire financial stress. Has chased down gigs for me assiduously. She looks over my short story contracts, and helped me draft a contract for my anthology contributors, even though there's no profit in it for her. She's not just my agent; she's my friend. My only complaint is that I don't get to see her often enough in person, because we have a great time when we do.

I've heard a lot of horror stories about agents, but I've got nothing but good stories, myself. Thanks, Ginger.

You can follow her via twitter at ginger_clark.

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