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I'm not managing daily updates, but it's nice to be back in the habit of semi-regular updating anyway.

Spent some time yesterday evening on making rather boring customer service calls, which ate into my writing time, alas. I only managed to scribble a couple hundred words, which, for me, is barely the equivalent to throat-clearing; I need a few hundred words just to get up to cruising speed. Still, any forward momentum is good. I need to average about 6,000 words a week on this book to meet my March deadline (I also have a short story, about one-sixth written so far, that's due in February), which is certainly doable. I just have to, you know. DO it.

Of course, I could have refrained from playing so many video games last night and gotten much more writing done, but let's not wander into the dangerous realms of personal accountability and responsibility, all right?

My wife and I watched the first episode of Steven Moffat's BBC show Jekyll and really liked it; I quite enjoy Moffat's writing, and it's cool to see what he does on his own, rather than playing in the Doctor Who universe. Plus: Paterson Joseph! Always a joy to watch, especially as a villain, even when putting on an American accent.

Reading Blitz by Ken Bruen, first one of the Brant books I've tried, and it's not particularly grabbing me so far; seems more formulaic than most of his books, though I'm not very far along, so it might well surprise me.

The magazine is busy, busy, busy. Lots of obituaries this time, lots of interesting news, lots of writing to do, and a short schedule because of the holidays. Nothing like a little neurochemical burn and deadline pressure to remind you you're working for a magazine. But it'll all be over end of day Monday, and then I've got two short weeks (three days next week, only two the week after that), so that's some relaxation to look forward to. And a chance to catch up on that writing I should do.

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