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This weekend I wrote a story! Titled "Our Stars, Our Selves," about 8600 words long, for a certain anthology to which I was invited... I'll say which one if and when the editors actually accept the story, though I need to go over it a couple more times before sending it in. It isn't due until February 1, though, so I'm actually way ahead for once. It is a rare sensation, and one I shall savor, as it is unlikely to be repeated. (I almost never miss deadlines, but I tend to hit them squarely or finish at most a couple of days ahead.) I will say it's about a gancanagh (a lovetalker), and has a protagonist I've been trying to write a story about for literally a dozen years. So it's nice to have that done.

My short-short "Uchronia" is up for your listening enjoyment at Podcastle today, read by the awesome MK Hobson, so if you've got three minutes, check it out.

Apart from writing this weekend, I didn't do much of note -- took a walk with the kid on Saturday, let him run around the park, got some brunch with him and the wife, etc. Played some World of Warcraft. Made four loaves of banana bread from a bunch of ripe-nigh-unto-blackness bananas, which Heather gave as gifts to our neighbors. (Like we were gonna eat four loaves of banana bread ourselves.) Watched Hostel and Hostel Part Two -- the free movies on demand could pose a danger to my overall productivity.

Sunday night we ordered pizza, and the pizza guy got trapped in our temperamental elevator for a while, so that was, um, exciting. Or actually rather boring, and resulting in cold pizza. Wonder if they'll come next time we call?

Today we're finishing up the January 2010 issue of A Certain Magazine, so it'll be a festival of work. Tomorrow's my day off, then I go to work Wednesday and Thursday, but it'll be quiet and low-stress, and then: Christmas Day! Behold: reasons to be cheerful.

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