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Broken Mirrors, Donation Models, etc.
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The response to my straw poll was quite positive. So it looks like Broken Mirrors will happen, though I'm not entirely sure when. I could start writing it as soon as next month, and posting it a month or two after that, depending on how well the writing goes. I've thought about the book a lot -- I mean, I expected to write it last year -- so I don't think it'll be too tough.

Still pondering the donations model. Doing it like I did with Bone Shop -- free to read, pay whatever you want -- is certainly easiest. The hostageware thing (where I only post a new chapter if I get paid enough for the last chapter) works well for some writers, but I'd feel bad for the people who did pay if donations fell off and it didn't all get posted.

So I'm thinking I might offer premiums for donations at various levels. Something like this (not final, subject to change, might do something completely different, etc.):


Here's what you get, in addition to free chapters. (Every successive level also includes the goodies from the previous levels, so the more you give, the more you get)

Below $10: My heartfelt thanks, because it really does add up.

$10 and up: Your name in the acknowledgments of the print version and online.

$25 and up: A signed limited edition chapbook featuring a new, never-before-published Marla Mason story, to be sent by the end of 2010. It won't be a short-short, either.

$50 and up: A free, signed print copy of Broken Mirrors, also probably out by year's end.

$300 and up: I name a character -- or spell, or aircraft, or something else in the book -- after you (or I'll use a name we mutually agree upon). Yeah, it's pricy, but if I set the threshold too low, I'll end up with all my characters named after people's cats, which could get silly. (And if you donate this right before the last chapter goes live, well, I'll do my best to squeeze your name in somewhere!)

$5,000 and up: I'll dedicate the book to you.

$10,000 and up: I'll hand-deliver a print copy to your door and make you a nice dinner at a time of our mutual agreement and do a reading for you and your friends, if you want.

Amounts are cumulative, so if you do many small donations, you get rewards based on the total you donated during the months the book is being posted.

What do you think?

Read/Post Comments (8)

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